Nordic Design Limited

Furniture design company founded on the desire to improve the homes of the general public.

Nordic Design Limited was founded in 2012 by Danish Designer Bertil Stam. Bertil was at that time employed as Chief Designer for a world leading outdoor furniture manufacturer in Vietnam. Bertil’s desition to start Node came with the desire to create indoor furniture.

Node’s first customer was Bolia, a Danish recognized design retailer. Soon Node established a growing customer base, and the Vietnamese office location helped with easy communication to Asia production facilities.

What makes Node special compared to most other design companies, is the extended knowledge of production. We have worked with both small Danish manufactures and also with some of the worlds biggest factories.

With our knowledge and years of “hands-on” experience, we become a special partner in your development process, capable of assisting throughout the entire lifecycle of your products. We have solid knowledge of the whole process from ideas to end-user product assembly.


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Furniture Designer


Furniture Designer

Award-winning design concepts

We have only participated in a few competitions. Still, we managed to get nominated in one and win the grand design award in another

Nordic Design Limited

Danish Designer Bertil Stam is the founder of Node, that is a Furniture and Product Design Development Company mixing more than 10 years of manufacturing, technical and commercial experience into modern design development.

Our knowledge of constructions, materials and production processes, has helped us to create award-winning designs that are sold globally.