“Good design last for generations”

Bertil Stam, CEO Nordic Design Limited

Danish Furniture Design Studio

Danish Designer Bertil Stam founded Node in 2012. Node is a Furniture and Product Design Development Company mixing more than 10 years of manufacturing, technical and commercial experience into modern design development.

Our knowledge of constructions, materials and production processes, has helped us to create award-winning designs that are sold globally

Product design

Our Designers are experienced university educated designers. We have successfully designed & developed furniture sold by recognized companies, such as IKEA-BoConcept-Bolia-Made.com, and many more.

2d & 3d cad drawings

We can help you with all the technical drawings for the prototypes, even as production components drawings. If the design has complicated shapes that need 3D CNC routing, we also can do 3D files for that.

3d print

The 3D printing technology is extremely useful in presentations to really get the ‘feel’ for the shape. We have 3D printing in-house, which is now an integrated part of our process.

Product specification

Before the mass-production startup, we can help with all product specifications, including packaging, loadings, assembly instructions and more. We also have solid partnerships with both quality assuring, sourcing and production companies in Vietnam.

Our work is available globally by well-known retailers